Service lifts

ISO-A Dumb Waiter Lift

Dumb waiters are suitable for where goods need loading and unloading at serving height. ISO-A is dumb waiter lift that can have a stainless steel finish. This makes it easy to clean, hygienic and ideal for food preparation areas. ISO-As size is customisable, meaning it will fit almost anywhere.

ISO-A lifts up to 300kg and is popular with pubs, restaurants and hotels for transporting food and drink between levels. In these scenarios, dumb waiters significantly speed up service, improving customer satisfaction.

Offices, shops and industrial facilities use dumb waiters like ISO-A to move lighter loads, such as files, stock and machine components. This reduces manual handling and the associated risk of workers sustaining strain injuries, known as musculoskeletal disorders.

Dumb Waiters for Quick, Efficient Transportation

The ISO-A dumb waiter lift features call and send controls, position indicators on each landing, and arrival buzzers and call signals. It requires no pit and takes just days to install, reducing building work and allowing businesses to resume normal working conditions quickly. ISO-A is robust, reliable and cost-effective.

Dumb Waiters - A Range of Options

We tailor dumb waiters to suit individual customers. ISO-A has a choice of door styles and various entry configurations. An optional heated shelf keeps food warm in the lift and an intercom allows workers on different floors to communicate.