Service lifts

ISO-D Trolley Lift

Trolley lifts move heavy goods, such as machine parts and beer barrels, between floors in pubs, libraries, industrial facilities and offices. ISO-D, part of our service lifts range, has a 300kg load capacity and a variable travel height. Customers can choose to position ISO-D at floor level, enabling operators to conveniently wheel boxes or crates in on hand pallet trucks.

The ISO-D trolley lift’s size is customisable to suit specific buildings or space limitations. This makes it flexible and able to fit in places other service lifts will not.

Robust, Reliable Trolley Lift

ISO-D features single or double-hinged doors for swift access. Its galvanised steel shaft is strong and stable, and the automatic push buttons that control the lift are simple to use. The ISO-D trolley lift’s shallow pit requirement makes it simple to install and keeps building work to a minimum.

Like all our service lifts, ISO-D has a number of useful features, including arrival buzzers and call signals, and position indicators on each landing station. A safety system prevents the trolley lift from operating if overloaded.

Service Lifts Reduce the Risk of Injury

Strain injuries resulting from repetitive movement, incorrect or improper lifting techniques can have devastating health implications to employees. Associated costs, including lost productivity, training replacement staff and lawsuits, cost businesses thousands of pounds a year.

By using trolley lifts like ISO-D, companies can reduce manual handling and prevent workers sustaining such injuries.

Brief Tech Spec...
  • Lifting capacity:
    Up to 300kg
  • Car size:
    Up to 1000 x 1000 x 1200mm high
  • Pit:


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