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Trojan Goods Lift

Trojan is a hardwearing, freestanding goods lift with a robust steel construction that carries 2000kg up to 9m. This makes it ideal for companies that need to move extremely heavy loads, such as palletised stock and machine components.

With no pit requirement and all lifting gear integrated into the unit, Trojan is quick and easy to install. This minimises building work, associated costs, and disruption to work areas. It is available in a variety of standard sizes, which means it will fit almost anywhere.

Safe, Reliable & Environmentally Friendly

Trojan has a number of built-in safety features, such as doors that lock automatically when the platform is in motion to prevent people entering the shaft, a sensor that halts the unit if it detects an object or person underneath the goods lift, and an emergency alarm. It also meets all the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive.

A reliable goods lift, Trojan travels smoothly between levels. It has an energy-efficient traction mechanism, which makes it environmentally friendly and a good choice for companies under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.

Customisable Goods Lifts

Companies can adapt Trojan to suit their own specific requirements. Options include fire-rated landing doors, shutter gate landing doors, rubber/aluminium lift car flooring, and a range of protective finishes. There is a choice of single or open-through entry configuration.

User-Friendly & Guaranteed

Users operate Trojan using simple push-button controls located on the door frames at each landing. Like all our goods lifts, Trojan comes with a twelve-month warranty and inclusive service visits in the first year of ownership.

For applications that require goods lifts to carry loads of up to 1000kg, see our Titan Good Lift. Alternatively we also produced custom goods lifts.

Brief Tech Spec...
  • Lifting capacity:
    Up to 2000kg
  • Lifting height max:
  • Platform size:
    Up to 2000 x 2000mm
  • Pit:
    100mm or we supply ramp


Recent Applications