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Titan Goods Lift

Companies use goods lifts to move heavy stock between levels. Based on our popular Prestige platform lift, the Titan goods lift is a freestanding, self-contained unit. It requires no wall or supporting structure and only a shallow pit. Titan fits between existing floors to utilise space and can be installed in as little as five days.

The Titan goods lift carries 1000kg up to 13 metres. It features variable platform sizes, the larger of which are big enough to accommodate large, palletised loads plus an attendant.

Goods lifts like Titan reduce manual handling requirements and the risk of employees sustaining strain injuries through incorrect or improper lifting. Titan is versatile and ideal for shops, factories, and buildings with limited space.

Robust, Reliable Goods Lifts

The Titan goods lift’s enclosure comprises reinforced, heavy-duty steel panels with a durable, attractive, film-laminated finish. This robust structure provides stability and strength. Titan features integrated lifting gear, which removes the need for a separate area or machine room.

Simple push-button controls, mounted within a carriage console and the doorframes on each floor, make Titan easy to operate. The goods lift’s landing doors incorporate vision panels and can be latched in the open position to make loading and unloading easier.

Goods Lifts with a Range of Options

All our goods lifts have a range of options and we tailor build to suit individual customer requirements. The Titan goods lift has a choice of doors, including single, double, powered, and fire-rated. All doors automatically lock when the lift is in motion for safety. Entry configurations include single or open through, making Titan flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Wheelchair Access Option

Standard option available for adding the necessary features to provide disabled access.

Other Goods Lifts in our Range

If you require a heavy duty goods lift see the Trojan goods lift. Alternatively we also produce custom goods lifts.