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Monumental safety solution for data storage company

movemanSKG has supplied a freestanding Titan goods lift to Ark Continuity, a company that designs, builds and operates secure, available, sustainable data centres to support business critical IT and communication processes.

Ark Continuity is flourishing despite economic conditions. In addition to its data centre in Farnborough, it recently opened a second site in Corsham, Wiltshire, to help cope with increasing customer demands.

movemanSKG’s Titan is located in the Corsham facility. Ark Continuity uses it to transport heavy server units weighing between 200-750kg and other equipment from a ground floor loading bay and assembly area to data suites on the building’s first floor. Here they provide data storage space for Ark Continuity’s customers, which utilise the internet to access this remotely.

Wayne Epton, Technical Lead Engineer at the Corsham site, explains the firm’s commitment to safety: “Ark Continuity has an impeccable safety record, one that we are incredibly proud of and wish to maintain. Not only does our company have responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act, but we genuinely value our employees and their well-being.

“These server units are way too heavy to be carried by hand, so a goods lift was the obvious solution. Titan lifts 1,000kg and has a large 1,500 x 2,000mm platform, big enough to carry two units at once if necessary. It travels 3,700mm between the two floors and is absolutely essential to the normal operation of our business. movemanSKG installed it quickly and provided and excellent service. We are very happy with our purchase.”

Titan’s standard door height is 2,000mm but movemanSKG has to enlarge this to 2,400mm on Ark Continuity’s lift to allow operators to load in the server units, which typically measure more than 2,000mm. It helps company employees move equipment around comfortably without sustaining strain injuries.

movemanSKG recommends Titan to customers with heavy-duty lifting requirements. It is a robust unit made from modular steel panels. It features simple push-button controls and integrated lifting gear, which removes the need for a machine room. Titan has a range of options, including fire-rated doors and different entry configurations, and is highly versatile.

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