Platform lifts

External Platform Lift

Our Extreme external platform lift is ideal for customers located in areas prone to bad weather. Developed in Sweden for use in freezing Scandinavian winter conditions, it has a solid steel construction and a painted or galvanised finish. This allows it to operate reliably in harsh external environments with minimal maintenance.

Extreme travels to a height of two metres, allowing less able people to overcome substantial floor level changes. It has a load capacity of 300kg and a 910 x 1400mm platform, which comfortably accommodates a wheelchair. Simple, ergonomically positioned controls on the Extreme external platform lift mean wheelchair users can operate it independently.

Ready Assembled External Platform Lift

Because the Extreme external platform lift comes ready-assembled, our engineers can install it quickly in all weather conditions. It is freestanding and does not require a pit, minimising building requirements and associated costs.

External Platform Lift a Safe Choice

Safety is a top priority at movemanSKG. The Extreme external platform lift has a pressure sensitive plate, which detects people or objects under the platform and checks its descent if necessary. Other safety features include gate interlocks at the upper landing and on the platform, emergency stop controls, and handrails.

A Range of Options to Suit Individual Access Needs

Like all movemanSKG’s external platform lifts, Extreme is customisable to suit specific customer requirements. Options include a choice of colours, adjacent entry, glazed gates and handrails, and a key isolation system to prevent misuse.

Brief Tech Spec...
  • Lifting capacity:
  • Lifting height max:
  • Platform size:
    910 x 1420mm
  • Footprint of lift:
    1400 x 1550mm


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