Platform lifts

H400 Platform Lift

The movemanSKG Part M compliant H400 platform lift is the perfect solution for wheelchair users looking to improve accessibility in their homes, as well as companies that need to comply with the Equality Act.

Platform Lift Customisation

Highly customisable, customers need to pick their car model from one of 13 standard designs; these include ‘Inox’, a contemporary stainless steel finish and ‘Parade’ with its vibrant colours and patterns.

More Options

There are six ceiling types with different lighting configurations, from conventional LED spotlights through to a quirky ‘bubble’ look. Customers can specify the finish to the car panels, floor covering, car door panels and landing doors. Finishes include stainless steel, plastic laminate, painted and PVC.

Shaft Options

The H400 can be supplied with its own steel shaft to a choice of colours and can also be glazed on all four sides, adding to the unit’s aesthetic appearance.

400kg Lifting Capacity

H400 carries up to 400kg and is available in different sizes and footprints to suit space limitations. It has powered two-speed sliding doors that have infrared safety edges to prevent closure in the presence of people, children’s buggies or objects: safer than simple photocells. The doors have the option of two-hour fire protection.

Environmentally Friendly

Something else that stands H400 apart from other platform lifts is the advanced hydraulic technology. This comprises a power unit with a dry motor (not oil immersed), electronic valve with digital technology and biodegradable eco-fluid lubrication. This reduces energy consumption to the same as a standard household appliance and reduces the lift’s environmental impact, making it environmentally friendly.


In the event of power failure H400 is equipped with auto lowering for safety reasons - doors open and remain open until full power is restored. movemanSKG offers the H400 with two inclusive service visits in the first year of ownership.

Brief Tech Spec...
  • Lifting capacity:
  • Lifting height max:
  • Platform size:
    1100 x 1400mm
    (Platform dimensions variable)
  • Pit:


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