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Service and Goods Lift Service, Parts and Aftersales

Service lifts and goods lifts are often the work horses of the industry. They are built to last, but years of use can lead breakdowns on occasions.

These lifts are often taken for granted, so when they are out of service it can have a drastic effect on operations.

We can offer service packages and repairs, minimising the time your organisation is inconvenienced for.

Lift Service

We offer a wide range of maintenance services, which keep lifts operating reliably for many years. They include all regular housekeeping tasks, such as topping up fluid levels, replacing worn or damaged parts, and making routine adjustments to optimise performance. Call the number below to find out more.

Lift Upgrade

Over time our lifts have evolved as new and improved technology becomes available. Upgrades optimise exiting units, make them run more efficiently, and extend their service lives. Many are quick to install, minimising disruption to work areas. Compared to buying a new lift upgrades are relatively inexpensive, making them a good choice for businesses under pressure to cut costs.

Lift Refurbishment

The current economic conditions are forcing companies to scrutinise their budgets. Refurbishment is a cost effective alternative to replacing old lifts. We give worn units a thorough overhaul, repairing or replacing components when necessary. Refurbished lifts run just as well as new ones and come with a guarantee to prove it. Call the number below to find out more.

More information:

Call us on: 0116 225 2100

Lift Repair

Lift breakdowns are disruptive to businesses and the associated costs, such as lost productivity if a goods lift fails, can run to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our experienced engineers carry a comprehensive range of spare parts, enabling them to fix units quickly. We offer a 24-hour callout service for emergencies. Call the number below for more information.

More information:

Call us on: 0116 225 2100

Lift Parts

Lift Components Limited stock spare parts for all our wheelchair lifts, service lifts, and goods lifts. These are available at low cost to external engineers for repair jobs. Visit their website to obtain a spare parts catalogue and place an order.

More information:

Lift Components Limited


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