Platform lifts

DomusLift - Hydraulic Platform Lift

Our DomusLift is the personal lift designed to meet the requirements of vertical mobility in public and private buildings. It is the ideal solution for elderly and disabled people, allowing them to move independently and free from the stairs.


DomusLift careful design allows installation in any kind of new or existing building. It guarantees the best aesthetic solution and enhances and decorates houses, shops and offices without any problem for the architectural structure.

User-Friendly and Functional

It can be quickly installed, takes up little space and requires minimal maintenance. It is user-friendly and virtually silent.

Easy Installation

It can be connected to a dedicated 240 volt electrical outlet and the installation requires limited building work. The documentation and planning permission required for the installation are simple.

Modern Design

DomusLift is a modern product, conceived and manufactured in order to meet any requirement. Available with either an aluminium or steel glazed shaft, and the option to be installed into a shaft made by others it will look at home in any environment.

Brief Tech Spec...
  • Lifting capacity:
  • Lifting height max:
  • Platform size:
    1100 x 1400mm
    (Platform dimensions variable)
  • Pit:


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