Platform lifts

Supreme Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair lifts are an ideal way to solve access issues. Supreme is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, does not require a pit, and has its own enclosure to keep building work to a minimum.

Supreme lifts 400kg up to six metres, is available in various colours, and features glazing in the doors and enclosure. This makes it an attractive wheelchair lift and suitable for a wide range of applications, including outdoor building entrances, hotels and pubs.

Wheelchair Lifts - A Supreme Solution

Supreme wheelchair lifts encompass a variety of standard features. Ergonomic control buttons positioned at a convenient height enable wheelchair users to operate the lift independently. The aluminium enclosure provides strength and stability, and both the door and gate incorporate self-closers for convenience.

The Supreme wheelchair lift is hydraulic, which means it functions quietly without disturbing other employees. This makes Supreme ideal for working environments.

Full Range of Optional Features

Supreme has the option of remote landing controls, and key isolation/operation, which prevents misuse of the lift in public venues. There is a variety of entrance/exit configurations, including adjacent entry at the upper or lower landings.

Wheelchair Lifts for Increased Safety

Wheelchair lifts supplied by us incorporate safety features to prevent accidents. Supreme will only operate if the door and gate are properly closed. The door and gate lock automatically when the lift is in motion to stop anybody entering the enclosure. If a power failure occurs, users can lower the lift manually using the emergency valve in the control box.

Brief Tech Spec...
  • Lifting capacity:
  • Lifting height max:
  • Platform size:
    1100 x 1400mm
  • Footprint of lift:
    1410 x 1550mm
  • Pit:
    60mm or we supply ramp


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