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Lift For Transport Museum

In April the Coventry Transport Museum, which displays the largest collection of British cars, cycles and motorcycles in the world, unveiled to the public a dramatic £6.9 million redevelopment. A series of superb, new galleries, and an extension taking the museum to over 13,000 square metres, are the result of the investment.

Visitors to the museum can explore over 150 years of unique motoring history. Where else can you see Queen Mary's State Limousine, a De Lorean and two Land Speed record holders - all under one roof? The museum, which reached the finals of the "Museum of the Year" in 2005, is one of the regions most popular tourist destinations attracting nearly 300,000 visitors a year.

People from all walks of life visit the museum, and the museum is keen that everyone can access all of its exhibits. So, as part of the redevelopment project, movemanSKG supplied a Supreme platform lift to enable wheelchair users and the less mobile to gain access to exhibits and galleries that are at different levels. For the ambulant visitor stairs access them, but for a wheel chair user even a short flight of stairs is a barrier. The movemanSKG Supreme platform lift provides a safe and convenient alternative.

The Supreme platform lift at the Transport museum enables a wheelchair user to bypass a short flight of stairs between exhibits. This particular lift has glazed doors that are powered and open and close automatically. In the interests of safety they are interlocked to prevent access to the lift shaft if the lift is not parked at that level. Extensive safety features and interlocks protect the user and other museum visitors, even those children that find such devices an irresistible draw.

Finished in white, the platform lift looks smart and blends well with its surroundings. It does not require a pit or any structural support so the impact of the installation on the museum's building is small. If necessary, at some time in the future the lift could easily be moved to another site within the museum.

With a world-renowned collection and dynamic displays the Museum is one of the major attractions in the West Midlands region. Malcolm Oliver, Deputy Chief Executive confirms the museum's commitment to accessibility: "As one of the most visited attractions in the region we want everyone to be able to enjoy the new galleries and exhibits. The movemanSKG platform lift plays an important part in ensuring that all our visitors can move easily around our museum."

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