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Premier Stair Lift

Premier Stair Lift

Premier is part of our stair lifts range and helps wheelchair users overcome a small change in floor levels. It travels to a vertical height of 2880mm and is for use on steps with an incline angle between 20 and 45 degrees. An indoor or outdoor stair lift, it carries loads of up to 150kg and is suitable for applications that do not have the space for a vertical platform lift.

Premier travels up and down stairways on a wall-mounted track. Wheelchair users access the platform via mechanical ramps, which automatically fold up and form wheel-stops while the lift is in motion. This prevents wheelchairs accidentally rolling off the platform. When not in use the platform folds up, leaving the stairway unobstructed for pedestrians.

Cost-Effective Stair Lifts Solve Access Problems

Premier stair lifts have a generously sized platform, which has plenty of room for a wheelchair user. Simple, ergonomic controls make the lift easy to operate, and a light grey painted finish ensures it blends with most environments. Premier is cost-effective and quick to install.

Quiet, Comfortable Stair Lifts

Electro-hydraulically operated, the Premier stair lift runs quietly without disturbing employees. It features soft stop and start functions, which eliminate jolting when the lift stops at landings. This means wheelchair users experience a pleasant, comfortable transition between levels.

Brief Tech Spec...
Premier Standard
  • Lifting capacity:
  • Lifting height max:
    8m (inclined)
  • Platform size:
    760 x 900mm
Premier Plus
  • Lifting capacity:
  • Lifting height max:
    10m (inclined)
  • Platform size:
    800 x 1000mm, or
    800 x 1250mm


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