Platform lifts

Excel Disabled Lift

Excel is an ideal solution for customers looking to improve access using disabled lifts. The Excel disabled lift travels to a height of two meters and carries loads of 400kg and upwards.

Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, Excel is ideal for applications such as offices and car parks. It uses a scissor mechanism to raise and lower the platform, which eliminates the need for lifting machinery or overhead structure.

Customisable Solution

Varying platform sizes and entry configurations along with customisable doors, handrails and gates allow the Excel disabled platform lift to not only it to fit almost anywhere, but also match any given environment from a basic specification to a high finish level for sensitive locations.

User-Friendly Disabled Lifts

Light touch ‘hold-to-run’ push button controls make Excel one of the simplest disabled lifts to operate. Functions include raise/lower/stop/alarm. The typical platform size is 1.3m x 1.6m, plenty of room for a wheelchair user plus an attendant. Like all our disabled lifts, Excel comes with a twelve-month warranty and inclusive service visits in the first year of ownership.

Disabled Lifts for Great Flexibility

Excel is one of the most versatile disabled lifts on the market and has a range of options to suit specific customer requirements. It can be fitted with manual or electrically powered gates or doors. Our disabled lifts team will even liaise with specialist balustrade suppliers to match them precisely to the chosen finish.

Safe Disabled Lifts

Disabled lifts must be safe to use and not pose a hazard to others. Excel features a chain mesh or flexible screen, which prevent anyone becoming entangled in the scissor mechanism while the lift is in motion. In the unlikely event of this happening, a peripheral safety device detects people and objects underneath the platform and halts the lift’s descent.