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A Supreme external solution

Platform lifts come in all shapes and sizes but only some are suitable for external use. They need to 'brave the elements' without breaking down or rusting and sometimes require additional security features such as landing key switches to prevent unauthorised access.

movemanSKG's Supreme model platform lift can be used both inside and outside, making it flexible and ideal for a wide range of applications. The unit features a solid enclosure which protects the lift from the elements and is constructed with corrosion resistant materials and finishes.

movemanSKG have many satisfied customers who use the Supreme platform lift externally in varied applications. A recently installed unit for example was installed in a car park and travels up to an external walkway providing access to an adjacent apartment block.

The Supreme travels up to 6m inside or outside. A roof gives additional weather protection to users on external installations and battery backed lighting in both the ceiling and the carriage provide illumination for when it is dark.

Safety features included on the Supreme include a sensitive safety edge around the whole periphery of the carriage which immediately stops the lift if depressed. Battery operated emergency lowering from both the carriage and the landing is provided in case of power failure.

The Supreme has a hydraulic drive system, which means it runs quietly. This means it is ideal for working areas where loud noises might disturb employees. It can be finished in a range of colours and carries 400kg. Various platform sizes and optional features are available, giving customers a wide choice and enabling them to tailor the lift to their individual specifications.

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