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A' Level Student Gives movemanSKG Thumbs Up!

Wheelchair user David Brockett, aged 16, is thanking movemanSKG for installing a Prima Plus platform lift at his school in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire. The unit provides access to a stage in the main hall, allowing David to contribute to media group assembly presentations.

"movemanSKG’s platform lift is smooth and comfortable to ride in", he commented. "The simple controls are positioned well within my reach and I do not have to turn to get off the platform. Prima Plus is a great piece of equipment that meets my needs."

David, currently studying for his ‘A’ levels, has spina bifida, a developmental birth defect that affects up to one in ten people. It occurs when one or more vertebrae in the spine do not form properly, leaving the spinal cord exposed and unprotected. This leads to damage of the central nervous system. Symptoms include mobility difficulties and in severe cases paralysis.

"I lead a happy, active life", continues David. "This is thanks to supportive family members, friends and teachers. My advice to other disabled children, especially those about to start school, is do not be afraid to get involved. Education is great fun and highly rewarding!"

Day to day life can be challenging for disabled pupils and it is up to schools to support them whenever necessary, as well as make premises accessible to wheelchair users.

Marian McNicol, Head of Supported Learning at Clydebank High School, explains; "It is essential that all students receive the same high standards of education. We also have responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Clydebank High School moved to a new building two years ago, which features fully functioning lifts and wide doorways. These allow people with mobility problems to move around independently."

"In addition, we have handrails, fluorescent yellow treads on stairs, disabled parking and toilet facilities, and height adjustable desks for wheelchair users. The aim is to remove the barriers disabled students face and allow them to fulfil their potential. David is a great student and will go to be very successful I am sure!"

Clydebank High is now one of the biggest schools in West Dunbartonshire and has approximately 1,400 students aged 11-18. Its new premises are part of a general move by the local authority to regenerate the Clydebank area.

movemanSKG’s two-stop Prima Plus is built in to the back of Clydebank High School’s stage. Mounted on the floor to avoid digging a pit, users access the platform via a shallow ramp. The lift travels 1000mm between landings and features a gate at the upper level. A key system prevents unauthorised use.

Marian continues; "movemanSKG was one of a number of companies to tend for this project. It provided a highly competitive quote and quickly came up with a design that met our requirements, liaising with our building contractor to ensure the lift would fit in the allotted space. Prima Plus operates reliably and helps our school meet its DDA obligations."

Prima Plus has a number of safety features, which make it an ideal choice for schools where such devices fascinate children. The access ramp automatically folds up to form a wheel-stop while the lift is in motion, preventing wheelchair users accidentally rolling off the platform. In addition, Prima Plus features manual lowering in case of power failure. The unit lifts up to 300kg and comes with two inclusive service visits in the first year of ownership.

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