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movemanSKG Goods Lift Makes Waves

A movemanSKG Titan goods lift is speeding up production and reducing costs at Plymouth based Princess Yachts. Part of a multi-million pound refurbishment, it moves heavy components nearly nine metres between the ground floor and three new mezzanine levels.

Established in 1965, Princess Yachts is a world leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer. It’s elegant, impeccably built vessels are famous for their performance, sea keeping, comfort and safety. Princess Yachts’ recent refurbishment owes to business growth, and comprises new workshops, offices, and part storage areas spread across the four floors.

The lift gets yacht components to where the company needs them quickly, efficiently, and ergonomically. It is essential to the normal operation of the Plymouth facility, and operates reliably despite rigorous daily use.

Princess Yachts’ Titan is a spacious unit with a 1500 x 2000mm platform, which means it accommodates bulky or awkwardly shaped components. It lifts up to 1000kg, and features double doors that latch in the open position to simplify loading and unloading. A key operated control switch prevents unauthorised use.

Titan reduces manual handling requirements, and the associated risk of employees suffering strain injuries known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which cost companies thousands of pounds every year. movemanSKG completed the installation within the agreed timeframe, minimising disruption to work areas.

movemanSKG’s heavy-duty Titan stands independently in its own shaft – it requires no wall or supporting structure. The lift has various door options and entry configurations, and features ergonomic controls that are easy to operate.

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