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movemanSKG Adds Inclined Platform Lift To Its Companion Range

movemanSKG, a division of Otis and the UK's leading platform lift supplier, has recently extended its Companion range of disabled access lifts with the introduction of the Companion Premier model. The Premier is an inclined platform lift, designed to help a wheelchair user overcome a small change in floor levels. It can travel up to an inclined distance of 9000mm, with a change in level of up to 2880mm, and is suitable for use on stairs with an incline angle between 15 and 45 degrees.

Whilst vertical platform lifts are almost always the preferred choice of both users and building owners, there, sometimes, just isn't space to install one. This is where the Premier fits in. It consists of a platform which glides over the stairs on a wall mounted support track. When not in use, the platform folds up leaving the staircase virtually unobstructed for pedestrian use. Floor mounted track supports are available when there is no suitable supporting wall.

Like all the platform lifts in movemanSKG Companion range, the Premier is CE marked and conforms with the requirement of both the Machinery Directive (98/37/CE). It also meets the specification detailed in BS 5776: 1996, the British Standard covering powered stair lifts. Premier is easy to use with simple "hold to run" push buttons. The platform is accessed over mechanically linked ramps, which form wheel stops when the lift is in motion.

The Premier is available in two versions; the fully automatic model allows all functions to be actioned from the landing controls. The unit can be summoned and the platform lowered and raised. This provides independent access for the less able. The semi automatic model requires the platform to be manually unfolded. This means that a wheelchair user will not be able to use the lift without assistance.

Both models are fitted with a host of safety devices, which ensure its safe operation. The safety arms and ramps are interlocked to the drive mechanism, inhibiting movement if they are not in the correct position. A safety plate fitted to the base of the platform stops the lift if there is an obstruction on the stairs.

Where a traditional vertical platform lift is not practical, the Premier is an ideal solution to help service providers fulfill their obligations in line with the Disability Discrimination Act. It is suitable for use on straight staircases in many public buildings, such as schools, shops, libraries, leisure centres and museums.

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