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Standing to attention: movemanSKG installs lifts at army training camp

movemanSKG has supplied two lifts to Holcombe Moor Army Training Camp as part of a brand new build that cost in excess of £4m. The first, a heavy-duty goods lift called Titan, is located in the armoury, where the camp stores all its weapons and equipment. As you can imagine, security is a top priority!

Famously known as the location for the assault course on TV's 'The Krypton Factor', Holcombe Moor Army Training Camp provides excellent all-year-round general-purpose training facilities mainly for TA and cadet organizations. Regular army units also take part in low-level tactical training and live firing exercises across its 750 acres of land.

The camp’s Titan travels 3m between two levels, allowing those handling heavy weaponry and equipment to move items safely without sustaining strain injuries. With a load capacity of 1000kg, Titan is strong, hardwearing and durable: A real workhorse popular among customers with tough, industrial applications.

movemanSKG also installed a Prestige, its flagship platform lift that lifts 400kg up to 13 metres and has room for a wheelchair user plus an attendant. At Holcombe Moor Army Training Camp it means those with physical impairments can reach the upper floor bar from the ground floor of the main building. Prestige means the camp complies with the Equality Act, which requires all service providers and workplaces to make their premises accessible to the less able.

Conlon Construct, a top construction firm based in Preston, was the main building contractor on the project. Grahame Livesey, Site Manager, is positive: "Holcombe Army Training Camp is a big site, some 9,000 square metres, so coordinating the build and subcontractors like movemanSKG was a real challenge.

"However, I am pleased to say that movemanSKG, which we appointed at the direct request of the client, really stepped up to the plate. movemanSKG worked with us to get the units installed quickly and efficiently and provided professional consultation at all stages of the project. Both Titan and Prestige function perfectly and our client is very happy!"

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