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moveman Enables Everyone To Enjoy Top Restaurant

Nothing should get in the way of enjoying fine Scottish cuisine. So Loch Fyne Restaurant in Harrogate called moveman in to install a platform lift, which would improve accessibility for guests.

The Loch Fyne chain, the origins of which lie in bonny Scotland, now boasts 23 restaurants across the UK. Famed for its fresh fish and seafood dishes, Loch Fyne prides itself on its reliable and friendly attitude towards its customers.

moveman , the UK's leading supplier of wheelchair lifts, is also dedicated to assisting its customers. It teamed up with the restaurant, which seats up to 140 people, to install a Prestige lift. The lift was required to take less able-bodied diners from the outside of the restaurant to the bar area on the first floor.

The lift, installed adjacent to the restaurant entrance, travels 3.5m through two levels, and has a through entry. The upper level has a stylish A2:1 door with a glazed upper panel, whilst the lower external door is made from steel to provide secure access from outside the restaurant. The lift was finished in Dobel grey to match the restaurant décor.

Michael Baravelli, General Manager for Loch Fyne restaurant in Harrogate commented: "To enable less able-bodied people to gain full access to the restaurant, it was necessary to have a platform lift installed. As the leading supplier of platform lifts, we turned to moveman to get the job done, which they did, without any trouble. Thanks to moveman 's excellent service, all guests at Loch Fyne restaurant can now enjoy the fine food and surroundings."

To learn more about moveman and its full range of products visit www.moveman For more information on Loch Fyne log on to

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