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movemanSKG Reaches New Heights

Designed for travel up to three storeys indoors, Movement Managements Prestige platform lift is a totally self contained unit. With a rated capacity of 400kg, it is suitable for a wheelchair user and attendant. It runs on a 240v single phase power supply and has its own integral shaft. Installation is very straightforward, requiring no adjacent wall or other support structure. A range of finishes and other options is available, making the Prestige suitable for installation in any type of building, including schools, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Two years ago, a version of the Prestige, which is fully compliant with Approved Document M of the English and Welsh building regulations, was introduced. In that time, more than 300 units have been installed. Their average shaft length of 6.1 metres means that, if all the shafts were joined together the resulting column would be taller than Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain.

The Prestige platform lifts' shafts are fabricated from a unique sheet steel material called Dobel. Characterised by its high strength and durability, Dobel is also used extensively in the shipbuilding industry. The material consists of a polymer film, which is bonded to the sheet steel. This makes it particularly durable and flexible and it complies with EN 10 169-1 for organic coated sheet products.

Movement Management use Dobel for the lift shaft panelling, because it combines exceptional strength and durability with flexibility in terms of surface finish. The specific polymer used is also highly fire resistant and certified as such for internal applications. Dobel is available in a wide variety of solid colours and printed patterns, including decorative wood and textile finishes. This means that the finish can be specified so that the lift will blend in with its surroundings and be as unobtrusive as is possible.

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